(February 14, 2018)

The dynamics of social, economic and political processes in Poland after 1989 has led to tendencies developing freedom of initiatives and to seeking new ways in which the state and its citizens could function. One of the most important reforms that had to be implemented was adopting a new Executive Penal Code in 1997 and its significant amendment in 2015, which followed a number of previous ones. The provisions enacted and the consequences of different reforms in this legal area resulted in modern forms
of work with prisoners appearing in penitentiary practice. However there are still questions appearing to what extend the accepted provisions really serve new forms of rehabilitation. Can we approach optimal solutions and will the developed conclusions allow to refine the accepted solutions? The Polish prison service, as other areas of social life, is continuously transformed and might gradually introduce solutions bringing better effectiveness of remedial influence [See: Kozaczuk 2004, and also Machel
2007: 11-14.]

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